Sunday, January 31, 2010


Munchkin loves goes in stages, of course...and the activity actually needs to be 'fun' (she is only 3, after all ;D).  We worked upstairs quite a bit today, and Munchkin made her Mamma proud since she was satisfied as long as she got to have a hammer in her hand :D


staci said...

We just got finished, ok well in August, with a year long addition to our house. I feel your plight, although it sounds like you have been at it much longer than we ever were. I know you can't relate very well but it was in the low 40's to high 30's, a little above freezing today, and we are COLD. I'm not sure how you all live with the cold. My sister in law is 50% Swedish, her children have those same eyes, although their hair is more blond, I'll post a picture soon. Hammers and nails make them strong and satisfied!!!

Tezzie said...

Staci - The frustration has been that once we get going on the work, it's not gonna take all that long to get done; a couple of months with intense work (evenings and weekends), or half a year with puttering now and then. The kids are getting so big now, and don't have a bedroom of their own (even to share)...and when we have overseas visitors, we have to sleep on the couch and the kids in the little computer room, used for Hubby's business and piles sky high with boxes, wires, computer parts, etc. Munchkin is 3½ yrs old now, and is still sleeping in her baby crib because we don't have the space for a proper bed for her!! So, this is HUGE for me...getting this finally completed!!!

As for the cold...ok, right now, it would be lovely with "warm" temperatures in their 40's ;D...but, kidding aside, we don't feel the cold the same way here, mostly because we expect it to be this way...our houses are undoubtedly more insulated out of necessity, and we have closets full of clothes made for the weather so we can dress for it. If those temperatures aren't 'normal', then of course it would feel darn cold!!! Just pile on the sweaters and extra layers...and keep moving (or cuddle under warm quilts...or both at the same time ;D lol)

sinneskatten said...

Vad månde det bliva av en så försekommen tjej!