Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, here's 'tulip' squeezed into yet another theme :D

(svart-vit/black and white)


Marie Höglund said...

Mmmmmmm vad jag njuuuuter, Fantastiskt vackert Tezzie. Lagom ljus sådär så det står en vacker lyster kring tulpanen.

staci said...

Very dramatic and yet soft at the same time. Is this in a studio or outside?

I wanted to say thanks for your encouraging words. I'm rethinking my 365 challenge maybe to be more similar to yours. It is really just something I wanted to do to force myself to practice alot, but I have to say that carrying that camera all the time is a drag and sometimes I have several good pictures that I would like to post.

I'm wondering who made your list of words/subjects? How do I find out more about your project.

Anne-Lie said...

Läckert! Nu kan man själv färgsätta den i sin favoritfärg;-))

Tezzie said...

Marie o Anne-Lie - tack för snälla ord :D

Staci - Neither studio nor's taken on our kitchen table in front of a window, with hubby's snowpants thrown behind to block the light coming from behind the flower ;D

The person who has organized our 365 project is a Swedish woman who blogs with the name akson. I honestly don't know too much about her, but I found the project through some of the other participants, and signed up on akson's site.(

It's all in Swedish, I'm afraid, but on one of her pages from her 365 project 2009, there's a link to an English version of the same project, so it seems they worked together last year. If you'd like to contact the place I found, you could try it at . The person it links to dropped out of the project mid-year, and I don't know if they have started up anything this year...but either get in touch with her (Julie) or akson who I'm sure is quite fluent in English if you have any questions for could always leave a comment for her on one of her beautiful photos :D