Thursday, June 10, 2010


I went into the city today to do some shopping...and a photoshoot :)
I'd been wanting to capture this place for a long time, and was disappointed that the lighting was wrong when I got there...but now (I have to admit), I kinda like the effect it gave!


Staci, here's the original, straight-out-of-the-camera shot
You'll notice that in addition to playing with the colours, lighting, and contrast, I also flipped the pic to put the reflection in a more visually pleasing place, and then cropped away the 'dead space'.  And then added the 'action' I mention in the comments section, of course!

I felt the shot had good things going for it, in that it was pretty sharp and I liked the reflection which added interest to a plain library I edited this one pretty heavily! LOL


Helena said...

Snygg spegling!

staci said...

Is that post processing, a camera setting you used or just the SOOC shot? I love the colors!!!

Tezzie said...

Thank you, both :)

Staci - the original was too blue, and I didn't like the pic when I removed the colour instead, I applied a free action called Seventies by the Texas Chicks (a total fave of's also on the bath pic below); it 'throws' the colours in such a funky way!

If you want to see the difference, I'll post the original, SOOC...and thus revealing my crap photog skills and dependancy on photoshop LOL!!

staci said...

Thanks for the info!!!

Serline said...

It is a strangely unique effect. Kind of 3D...