Saturday, June 5, 2010


If it wasn't for the mosquitos (and the poisonous snakes, of course), the forest would be heaven on earth :D



staci said...

It looks so luscious(?) . Is that already from this year?

Wannabe said...

Underbart vackert. Du har verkligen fått till fina färger från din skogstur (även de på din andra blogg är underbara!)

Tezzie said...

Staci - Yup...amazing, isn't it? Spring/summer come really fast here; one day we're still covered in snow and the next the kids are running through sprinklers! It's equally unbelievable every year; one of the benefits from the sun practically not setting at all this time of year. (the complete opposite from our winters where the sun only pops up from the horizon for a short time)

Wannabe - tackar :D

Charlotta said...

Vacker "trollskog" - jag håller nog på paradiset, trots myggor och ormar. :)