Tuesday, June 1, 2010

151 and 152

Well, here's another double post...hope this doesn't get to be a bad habit!

Today, I'll be sitting with my feet up in the air...letting the remaining 9 enjoy the sunshine ;D


I loved seeing the kids playing so nicely together the other day...one of their favourite cartoons, called "Supertrio" in Swedish is about a turtle, duck and a guinea pig that solve problems and help others in need by using teamwork...My kids were singing the theme song while they were playing on the swings: "VAD funkar bäst?  Teamwork!"



Elisa said...

Haha...that show is called "Wonderpets" in USA and they sing: "What's gonna work? TEAMWORK!" =)

staci said...

Hey really only 9 left??? That's awful. I hope you are ok. I love the theme song for wonder pets but once you get it in your head it never wants to leave !!!

Barb said...

Um, what's with all the pinpricks on your left leg? Did they have to do that to get to the toe??

Tezzie said...

Elisa and Staci - Oh, yeah, that's right! I was trying to remember what the show was called over there...you're right about the song sticking in your head! (driving me crazy, even though it's kinda cute when the kids sing it ;D)

Barb - The pin pricks are from the freezing...I wrote about the surgery in my other blog if you'd like to hear about the anaesthesia fiasco!

Helena said...

Härligt färgglad bild på barnen. Foten är också ganska färgglad, men det hade kanske varit bättre om den hade varit normalfärgad istället ;o)
Hoppas den blir bra snart.

annette said...

Men vad har Du gjort med foten, ser inte alls bra ut, blir nog högläge ett tag för Dej!

Ser verkligen så härligt ut med barnen i sina färgglada kläder,blir glad av den bilden!

Hoppas foten snart blir bättre, men ta det lugnt!


Anne-Lie said...

udda tolkning du fixade här - hoppas verkligen din fot blir bra snart!

Tezzie said...

Helena & Annette & Anne-Lie - Tack för snälla kommentarer!...angående foten, så har jag varit o amputerat en tå (och därför bara har 9 kvar ;D). Det finns mer att läsa om operationen i min andra blogg (link i högra spalten om ni e intresserade)