Wednesday, October 20, 2010

289 to 293

With the exception of this first edit, I'm continuing to raid the archives in order to fulfill the theme list!  I have no idea why it's getting so tough to keep motivated now that I'm so close to finishing my year's challenge...

I'm THRILLED to have learned how to do this today!!!

(redigeringslek/editing fun)


It makes me unbearably sad that it will be such a long time until I smell the scent of soil again...


"Tim Horton's", they're not...but tasty all the same.  And, the Finns of course think they're the best in the world!

(gott gottigott gott/yummy)


I refuse to darn socks...and HE refuses to throw them away!

(välanvänd/well used)


I think you have to be a Swedish speaker to understand this one ;D



Rebecca said...

It's easier to darn a sock if you put an egg in the sock first. Not that I've been darning or anything.

Ashley Sisk said...

great photos - glad you finally pulled together a planet photo - it looks awesome!

staci said...

Hey LOVE your planet photo, turned out so great !!!