Friday, October 15, 2010

286, 287, and 288

Ever notice that when you hear the word 'weather', it's usually the bad kind that comes to mind??!  And, people sure talk about the weather then, too!!!  I guess it's fair to say that a favourite topic of conversation around here lately has been just that; the weather!!!  ('re not seeing things;  that's snow)



Perhaps you noticed the tiny, weak little branches of what is supposed to be an apple tree (above).  There are an amazing amount of reason for why my poor trees won't grow, but one of them is something I had never thought of before trying to grow them;  VERY LARGE BIRDS try to sit in the trees and subsequently break off all the sweet newly formed branches!  My remedy for this during the past couple of years (that seems to be working) ribbons!!!  I've tied a whole bunch of paper bands in my trees that flutter around and scare the birds away!


So, yeah...autumn came and went in the course of about 3 weeks.



Rebecca said...

That last one is my favorite. Looks great. Makes me want to grab a nice comfy outdoor chair, cover up with a warm wool blanket, sip on some tea while reading a book....or not reading....just sitting there listening to the drying leaves and the rustling water.

Serline said...

No matter how fleeting its beauty, the most important thing is: it did happen. Trust you enjoyed and made the most of autumn...

Leovi said...

Very nice photos. Greetings from Spain .