Sunday, August 22, 2010

232 and 233

Around here, we don't get many skyscrapers...I think there's a law in place that doesn't allow buildings to be built that are over 6 stories high (or something like that).  The closest we have are our watertowers...this one (and many others) has been converted into a café/lookout tower.


Living in (very) flat farm country, we don't have many waterfalls's a man-made one from the amusement park!


Helena said...

Det är väldigt ont om skyskrapor här också... Inte ens höghus har vi... max 3-4 våningar... Jag blir nog tvungen att åka på semester ;o)

Bilden på vattenfallet gillar jag mycket!

Charlotta said...

Snygga vinklar, både på höghus och fallet.