Friday, April 2, 2010


This is a project I started a year's taking FOREVER to be completed (with many months of doing nothing on it, of course ;D), but today I got veeery close.  It'll be finished next week, and I'll post a pic of the finished product...any guesses??

(för evigt/forever)


Sarah said...

Anything to do with the chairs you're building? (That is you, right?) :)

Kimberly said...

i am definitely quite excited to see what it is!!

Helena (Citronodlingen) said...

Ingen aning, väntar med spänning!

annette said...

Skall bli spännande Att fa se!

Vill Bara sa here in Långfredagen önska Dej en fin OCH Skön Påskhelg!


Tezzie said...

Sarah - yep, that's me :D...and good guess, since I've been whining about how long they're taking me to build! But, no...this is something else entirely, an intended small project I started without truly knowing the level of difficulty I was in for!!! It's an intarsia/marquetry decoration for a smaller object I've already built that has been waiting 'the finishing touches' since last year. *hint...about the size of a breadbox*

I'll be sure to post pix of finished I've that I've committed myself to having it finally completed! :D

And, Happy Easter/Glad Påsk to you all!

staci said...

Wow I have no idea. A jewelry box maybe? Did I miss the chairs you are working on?

Tezzie said...

:D Staci - nothing much to miss...I've mentioned some kitchen chairs I'm building at school a few times...if you want to read a bit about the project, details can be found in the comments under day 77.

Jewelry box is also a great guess (and a good idea, thanks!)...I've made a few boxes in the past, but I haven't made one of those yet :D Will keep you posted!