Thursday, March 18, 2010


Still working on those kitchen chairs...
(maskinellt/machine produced)


Sarah said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! How many are you making? How long does it take to make one chair? However did you get in to such a hobby/career?

annette said...

Äkta hantverk, att jobba i trä är så fint och så luktar det så gott, snygg bild!!

Ha en bra dag!


Tezzie said...

Sarah - I'm making 8 chairs...learning how to make the bent form as mass production/part of a series is the mandatory project of yr 2 of my schooling. We really only need to make a couple of chairs...but I figured I might as well take advantage of access to machines and cheaper material, and go ahead and make good quality dining room furniture that I love! (planning a table too :D)

As for how long it takes, it's hard to say since we're still learning and everything takes longer...then, of course, we don't make one chair at a time...instead all the components for all 8 chairs at a time...and then I've had some material quality issues...time off for holidays...time in other classes...etc etc! I figure they should be completed by the end of April, at least (they were started in September, but had to take a 2 month break because of the material).

I've always loved working with wood, but never had any proper schooling or access to tools etc, other than in grade school, and that doesn't really count ;D...I love art, crafts, design, interior design etc, when I looked to "begin life over again" by going to school, I took one of those 'what are you suited for' tests at the unemployment centre, and that's what came back at me! So, now I'm in the middle of a 3 year full time course at a sort of trade school!!...and I LOOOOVE it! (whew...this is possibly the longest comments answer, ever LOL!)

Annette - jo, härligt med kvalitet...kul att skapa något eget...o visst doftar det underbart?! :D

Tack, o ha en trevlig kväll!