Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boat Header

Just curious if anyone picked up on the numbers on the boat in my header??...While in the middle of the shoot of the bridge below (and other water/harbour/boat pics), I was clicking away trying to capture this cool red fishing boat...when after about 3 shots, it dawned on me what the number on the boat actually was!

What I mean to point out is that those numbers are real...(not photoshopped), and discovered totally by accident!

I thought it was kind of a cool coincidence...:D


staci said...

yeah i'm sooooo observant I thought you photoshopped that ;) just kidding, but fabulous coincidence.

Wannabe said...

jag såg att du bytte bild men jag fattade inte varför förrän du påpekade det. Coolt sammanträffande, verkligen! Och himla snygg bild också! :-)